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$10,000/mo. from Google


Church Leaders...don't overlook this amazing resource! It's true. Google has a giveback for Non-Profits that can verify their 501(c)3 status and that aren't receiving extra government or other specific institutional funding. This means that you could qualify for the monthly $10k! 

The steps are quite easy - follow this link - and sign up! Google will connect you with their partner company "Tech Soup" to verify your NP status but once are on your way! 

You sign up - #ChurchBoost can do the rest! People find you when looking for their church home!

Feel free to use our new Live Chat Feature to the bottom right of the page to ask any questions needed. 

organic vs. paid

Get outside of your bubble_

I've spoken with several churches that just stopped posting to social media all together. OR some have just accepted the fact that they will only get engagement from their small group of faithful attendees that get all of their social connectivity from the church Facebook page...but they aren't feeling like their reaching new people through social media. AND THAT IS WHY WE EXIST. 

Social Media isn't the issue. The new algorithm isn't the issue. Our approach is!

Social Media is setup in a way that is almost scary...we put all of our personal information in it, we talk & post in text which can be read by bots & reported back to the social platforms algorithm to be used by ads. Now, we can look at it in 2 ways... (1) We get scared or mad - stop using it & eliminate ourself / our church from using modern technology for bettering our world. OR (2) We get aggressive. We realize if big companies are using these platforms to target us with things we are interested in or might need...why shouldn't the church be doing the same?! You can now target exact distances from your church, people groups, people interested in specific topics, people within specific ages, people going through specific stages of life etc. It's time we use modern technology & put the Gospel in front of they eyes of our communities...not sit back wasting our time posting to the same small group of people when we could be doing both & growing the church right in our own neighborhoods!

The CB Philosophy


It's why you're here_

It's a fact. The vast majority of your city, neighborhood & street are active Facebook users. This means they spend hours...yes, HOURS on social media every week! This does not mean they are too distracted to hear the gospel from your church or ministry. It's all about the context. If I told your there was a place in your town where 70%+ of your community members were hanging out every week...wouldn't you want to find a way to connect with them, invite them to church & most importantly...tell them about Jesus?! I'll answer that for you. YES! 

This is that place. It's Social Media & it is what we have helped some of the biggest brands in the U.S. discover & utilize for several years now. It's time we help the Local Church do it too!