It's time we take The Church into the homes & phones of families all over our cities.
The enemy has been using the internet for bad, it's time we flip the script!


Let's get started.

Plan Options


1.0 - Influence Plan

The Influence Plan is for the churches & ministries that want to make a true weekly, monthly & annual impact in the homes across their community & beyond. Think of placing your weekly teachings, announcements or invites in front of over 70% of your community consistently. Big Boost & Influence!


2.0 - Event Boost

Our Event Boost is somewhat self explanatory but we'll cover our bases. This is our 3 Month Digital Blast. Mostly used to promote & invite the community to the events when you're looking to FILL THE HOUSE -  such as Easter, Christmas, Conferences & even big Youth Group nights.


3.0 - Test Run

The Test Run option is for those churches who just aren't sure about this whole 'digital marketing' idea yet. We offer both 3 month & 6 month options for you to understand & see how we can help you leverage the fact that over 70% of U.S. adults are active Facebook users. We'll help you get their attention & know who you are.


4.0 - Coaching 

Coaching is a great option for those creative directors, communication pastors or even lead pastors that are looking to build their personal toolbox with the inside industry secrets from what large public sector companies are doing to harvest clients, gain new ones & set themselves up for the next generations.


"It's our most
affordable &
staff member.

Gospel goes out.
guests come in!"

— Church Pastor, Oklahoma