creative services

Digital Advertising is our wheel-house, but our other areas of expertise are in the creation of content needed to promote successfully. We've worked with many local & national brands/churches in content creation from design, video editing, photography etc. Most church clients we partner with have one of these resources at their disposal but often we find a need for one of avenues listed above. We never want to be a roadblock to achieving digital goals, so we use our creative teams to service content needs as they come up. 

Feel free to send us an inquiry about any of the services below that you might be in need of.



Welcome to your potential visitors first & possibly only opinion of your church. Let's face it, when someone gets serious about visiting your next service or event, they will vet you out online.

We don't believe in building huge websites with pages & pages of content...we have seen through data research that there are a handful of things all 90% of your website visitors are looking for & just a couple things that you really want them to learn. 

We build full & micro-sites that are focused on impact more than quantity of content. This also allows us to get our clients to the public quicker & start building awarenes in their community.



Sometimes you have the desire to get more community awareness but lack some of the creative talent internally. We have answer for that, let us help you create the visuals that we know can make an impact through your ads on social media. 

It's about more than being in the game, it's about the ability to stand out & be seen. We have learned from years of testing what designs stand out the most & get the most engagement. 

Our team of designers is ready to give your church the look & promotional content it deserves & needs to expand your reach with the gospel message!



Social Media now gives more love to videos & gifs that anything else on their platforms. We know this from gaining our current clients MILLIONS of views.

But you might not have the weekly or monthly capacity to edit your sermons down to 30 seconds that will make the most impact on social.

Good things is - we do! Our teams can take your video and chop it into an effective social ad that can be blasted out to your community through strategic targeting - to your current members, their friends/followers & others within a specific radius to your front door!