Christmas Boost Package

Tis the season…to grow your church!

We believe that Christmas is one of the greatest opportunities for families in your community to experience & potentially connect with your church. People, especially families, all over your city are looking for things to do this holiday season. Even the most “un-churched” people are opened to visiting a church around the holidays with friends and family. This, along with Easter & Mother’s Day, is one of the biggest opportunities to fill your church, make genuine connections with visitors and make a huge impact on your community!

The Christmas Package includes:

  1. Christmas Website with RSVP Feature

  2. Social Media Countdown Design Package

  3. Service Slides for Promotion & Preaching Notes

  4. Physical Invite Cards


$600 Total


The Website

We have created a SUPER effective Christmas Website for churches to connect to their social media promotions & invites. This site will also include an RSVP feature that will allow attendees let your staff know that they’re coming & how many will be in their group. You’ll also get their email contact to add to your connection list. This site alone is valued at multiple times of the package price.


Design Package

Building anticipation with your community as well as your current church members is massively important for any event to be a success. We will provide you with our “10 Days of Christmas Countdown” designs that will match the main event design itself & help you build excitement with those you hope to come visit your church for your Christmas service(s).


Service Slides

We want to help you attract new people to your church as well as keep the creativity aligned everywhere. Included in the Christmas Boost Package will be the main Christmas Services design and a notes slide to match. Make sure you take full advantage of the package from web, to social, to screens this Christmas!


*Promote Your Event

Though this portion is not included in the package, we are offering a reduced rate for all of those using the package! The Christmas Boost Package is only at it’s BEST when coupled with a full on community promotional campaign where we will create event ads and launch them into the masses of your community, inviting them to your event. This strategy has been known to not only double but at times…triple churches average attendance. Let us know if you’re wanting to invite the masses of your community to join you this Christmas season!

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