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The Church Boost idea came from a conversation our founder (Jered Miller) had with an old friend still serving in full-time local church ministry. They got in conversation about how for the most part The Church globally has under-utilized modern day digital marketing. With Jered's extensive experience in the ministry world as well as being a leader in the digital space through his advertising agency, he was struck with fire inside himself to do his part in changing this problem. So, with some of his talented digital team members, they launched Church Boost. We are here to talk digital, push the envelope & get you outside the box aka the four walls of the church building. 

It's time The Church takes advantage of Social Media Marketing. We are not talking about posting to Instagram, or starting a Facebook Group. We are talking about actual digital, targeted advertising. Did you know we could take a service video or event invite graphic & target people within 1, 5, 20+ mile radius of your church, choose those in low income who need to know about your food pantry, or those in high crime rates areas & send them the message of hope to change their life's trajectory, or even target families within certain age demos, income levels & even those that are interested a topic that your next teaching series is on. We can get more specific than most imagine & let those individuals fill out a "plan my visit" visit form right there in their newsfeed.

It's not about "posting & hoping new people somehow stumble upon your post, like it, comment, & somehow feel compelled to attend your next service. This is about putting the gospel into the homes of those in your community & bringing them in to your community to be discipled. It's time your entire community knows your church exists & what you stand for.  




The WHY.
Behind Church Boost


Hello, my name is Jered Miller! I grew up as a '"PK" or Pastor's Kid in a mega-church right in the middle of the Bible Belt. Eventually, I went into full-time ministry leading groups from youth, college & young adults, to creative directing for church plants. My passion has always been on the side of creative arts & promotion. Something in me has always loved the evangelical side of The Church. How can we reach more people who are looking for the grace, peace & joy that only Jesus can bring? That was always my WHY.

What you don't know about me yet is that I went to college for marketing, then dropped out to work for a cutting-edge advertising agency in Tulsa, OK. I spent the next several years learning about Websites, SEO, Social Media, etc. Even when I left that job to pursue my first step into ministry via an intense internship opportunity, I kept crafting my skills in graphic/web design. I had the opportunity to use social media & creative to grow ministries by the hundreds & events by the thousands.

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After several years in Oklahoma, I had the opportunity to move to California. I worked along side one of the countries most prolific youth ministry leaders. We built youth, young adults & eventually launched a new church in the heart of a valley full of oppression. Our average weekend service attendance was around 150 that first year, but when we got our hands on social media advertising & got outside the box in promoting our first Christmas Event, we filled the hall of our local convention center with over 1,200 individuals & made an incredible impact on our community. 

Not too long after, God began to show me how to take the gospel outside the walls of the church & into the homes of families all over through social media marketing. He grew my personal business & moved my wife & I to Salt Lake City, UT. I began a journey through advertising in the public sector with clients from local coffee shops to national restaurant concepts. To say my tent had been enlarged was an understatement. What I learned in the past 5 years working with multimillion dollar companies/clients & leaders is that THE CHURCH is leaving so much on the table & it's time for the gospel to use the same tools & strategies of the best sales/advertising agencies in the world to spread the gospel. 

I put brands & services that will one day fade away into the homes of families each & every day...but the gospel, that will never burn out should not be lagging behind. It's time we share the good news as effectively as any other company or industry. This is why I started Church Boost - a modern day Evangelical Ad Agency. Here to help you get the gospel out & new disciples in. 

We would love to help you expand your church or ministries reach the same way the biggest brands in the world are, for a fraction of the price! Let's BOOST your church!

- Church Boost Founder, Jered Miller

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